Please find below a brief listing of the seminars we offer.


We are well qualified to develop a seminar, specifically tailored to your needs.

Our 35+ years of experience in the public safety and law enforcement training field guarantees you proven and safe techniques as well as up-to-date seminar contents. 


  • "K-9 Training" seminars (incl. German "Diensthundeführer-Fachkundenachweis DGUV Vorschrift 23", explosives detection dog training, arrest dog training, patrol dog training etc.)
  • "Baton Training" seminars 
    (MONADNOCK, ASP, BONOWI, EMS-light training programs) 
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation” seminars
  • "Officer Safety" seminars (incl. "Defensive Tactics", "Tactical Handcuffing", "Realistic Groundfight" etc.)
  • "Firearms Training" seminars (incl. German "Waffensachkundeprüfung" = Basic Firearms Training)
  • "Defensive Tactics" seminars (Defensive tactics is a system of controlled defensive and offensive body movements used by law enforcement officers to respond to a subject’s aggression or resistance)


If you have any questions about our seminars please contact us.


DTA certified Security Driver seminar
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